Five Stars

Five Stars is a twenty-five minute short film about Five College students and best friends harboring crucial secrets from each other which fuels animosity among them, and throws their whole friendship into chaos.

Here is the official trailer for Five Stars! Press CC for Captions, and enjoy!

Without further ado, here is the poster for Five Stars. The trailer will be coming soon!

Excellent job, everyone!

D.O.P. Jeret and Cameramen Kevin and Clay pay tribute to the camera gods for good luck.

Production Assistants Ayaz and Cybrena smile for the camera with Producer Jeremy.

Production Assistant Cybrena straightens Janele’s costume before shooting.

Haya discusses with our Director about the intricacies of the next scene, before filming.

Rachel points at Janele’s pointing finger while Dani re-considers their sanity.

Rachel and Crystal prepare to slip into their roles.

Haya and Martina show the two sides of filmmaking: Utter joy, and complete seriousness.